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Andreas Iskrov

Andreas Iskrov


Titel der Forschungsarbeit:The College Admission problem with Lower Quotas in the context of the TUM’s Departement of Mathematics

Fakultät: TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology

Lehrstuhl: Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Geometrie und Diskrete Mathematik

Betreuung: Michael Ritter

Abstract der Forschungsarbeit
In this thesis I concern myself with the problem of deciding which applicant should take part in which seminar during an event. What makes this problem interesting is that we want to consider the desires of applicants and seminars, as well as certain uppercapacities and lower quotas for seminars. This issue is known as the College Admission Problem with Lower Quotas (CA-LQ). In the following thesis I discuss criteria by which we may want to evaluate how good a solution of CA-LQ is. Afterwards, I suggest an algorithm which attempts to solve said problemAdditionally, I implement this algorithm and run experiments on it to evaluate its feasibility for practical use at the TUM’s Departement of Mathematics when assigning students to seminarsand conclude that my algorithm is not useful in this context, due to its long run-time and lacking reliabality in finding.