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Remediate programme

At the TUM, TUMKolleg participants receive the opportunity to carry out a smaller, individual research project at one of the faculties of TUM over the period of one year. They either chose their own topic according to their interests (e.g. Effects of Antifouling Boat Paint to the Conservation Area of Würmtal) or they can get involved with an already existing research project of one of the faculties (e.g. Effects of Climate Change in the Alps at the Chair of Ecoclimatology). Working in a university environment, the students are able to gain Credit Points that can be transferred to their later studies the university. The students are being supervised by scientists as well as advanced university students.

Furthermore, the students attend lectures, practical trainings and courses in almost all faculties of TUM which gives them an early introduction into the world of science and technology. Special courses support the TUMKolleg participants in a number of ways including e.g., application training and individual study and career counselling. Offering a high level of individualisation, the TUMKolleg is able to consider and satisfy the specific interests of highly gifted students.

When does what take place at the TUMKolleg?


September – January:

  • Studium Generale: Faculty visits on the TUM Day
  • Workshops on business English, academic research or study counselling workshops
  • Topic research for the individual thesis

February – July:

  • Specification of the research topic
  • Progress of work in consultation with a TUM supervisor
  • Further workshops on academic research


  • Internship in an English speaking country

September – December:

  • Completion of the thesis
  • Workshop on academic writing
  • Preperation of the Science Day

January – March:

  • Participation in Jugend Forscht, a competition for young scientists (optional)
  • Final preparation and execution of the Science Day

April – June:

  • Exam preparation for the Abitur (German A-levels)
  • Graduation party at the TUM